Luther Places


Augsburg is the city in which Martin Luther met with papal legate Cajetan concerning his writings and teaching (October 1518) and in which the Lutheran princes and electors presented to Emperor Charles V a summary of Lutheran teaching (Augsburg Confession) written by Philip Melanchthon (June 25, 1530) tmp8.jpg (22281 bytes)
Eisenach is the town in which Martin Luther studied as youth (1498-1501); it's also near the Wartburg Castle, where Luther hid after his hearing at the Diet of Worms (1521).
Eisleben is the town where Martin Luther was born and baptized (1483) and died (1546).
Erfurt, "city of spires," is where Martin Luther studied at university (1501-1505), entered the Augustinian monastery (July 17, 1505), and was ordained a priest (May 1507).
Leipzig is the city in which Martin Luther and John Eck debated in 1519.
Torgau served as one of the primary residences of the Saxon elector; the chapel in the castle, consecrated in 1544, is called "the first Protestant church." The Torgau Articles, one of several documents used by Philip Melanchthon when he drafted the Augsburg Confession, were written here  (1530). Katherine von Bora Luther died and was buried in Torgau (1552).
Wartburg is the fortress/castle in which Luther was hidden (May 1521-February 1522) by Elector Frederick after the Diet of Worms. While here Luther translated the New Testament into German.
Wittenberg is the birthplace of the Lutheran Reformation, where Martin Luther lived, wrestled with God through the study of Scripture, taught, preached, wrote, got married, raised a family, and held court with admiring students who wrote down every word he said (1511-1546).